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Why in the Photo Einstein sticking out his tongue?

Maybe you've seen pictures of Albert Einstein on this one. Einstein sticking out his tongue which is easy to find on magazine covers, posters and t-shirts. The photos were taken by a photographer (Arthur Sasse) on Mar 14, 1951 in Princeton on the 72 anniversary. Photo of the complete (original) is Einstein was sitting in the backseat of the car with Dr. Fank Aydelotte and his wife.

Why Einstein sticking out his tongue?

Well, here's a question many people about the photo. Some people consider that to be a genius, then we must remove the tongue with hair disheveled. Um ... just a myth ..
Actually at that time, Albert Einstein and Aydelotte had just returned from Einstein awards. Although Einstein was sitting in a car seat, was still reporters and photographers chasing him. The reporters tried to hold Einstein, and Einstein shouted: "This is enough. This is enough! ". But journalists basis, still asking questions and the photographer kept taking pictures with relatives. When a reporter asked Einstein's willingness to perpetuate the birthday photos, eventually she began to be tired and upset, then she stuck out her tongue, in a mocking tone. At that time, Arthur Sasse Einstein could capture these images.

Nevertheless, Einstein was very fond of pictures. He cut the image, so only the looks he himself (without the Aydelotte and his wife). Einsteinpun reproduce these photos and send them to friends.

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